The CCPIOA is organized to provide networking opportunities among professional communicators in Chatham County, to conduct training for members that will contribute to their professional development, to serve as a cohesive unit that enhances communication with the media and the public and promotes the communication function within Chatham County organizations, to provide communication support to members who need assistance, to coordinate and execute the requirements of Emergency Support Function #15 from the Chatham County Emergency Operations Plan.  







  •     To enhance the business community’s understanding of professional communications.
  •     To promote the professional communicator’s role within an organization.
  •     To make available comprehensive training that effectively addresses the needs of member professional communicators.
  •     To serve as a catalyst for building positive, professional relations with Chatham County media outlets.
  •     To publish a directory of members and other related information.
  •     To provide Emergency Management support to the Chatham County Emergency Operations Center and/or Joint Information Center(JIC)/System.
  •     To ensure the coordination and execution of those requirements identified in Emergency Support Function #15.